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a cute canine dog
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Skye believes all clients came to see her. She is also a search dog, and Bree’s niece. Skye and Sassy are best friends.

Bree is the queen of the office. She is a chocolate lab. Bree has been a search dog for over a decade with Steve’s wife, Sally. They have searched for lost and missing people all over the state. Max worships Bree.



Maximilian (aka Max) was born June of 2000. His passion in life has been hunting birds across the West. He has hunted the high desert to the peaks of evergreen clad mountains in pursuit of birds. He, like Alton, is starting to get a bit grey in the beard (ok, so it is pretty much pure white for both), but still hunts when he can. In Max’s spare time, he drops by the office to curl up in a chair (or if you are not careful in your lap). He is fairly certain that most people need to pet him and will try to make sure that you do not miss your chance.

Maximilian (Max)


Sassy was born August of 2009. Her first hunt was a late season hunt in January of 2010. She is turning into a real jewel of pointer, but she is a bit lacking on the retrieval side. However, she would argue that she is a pointer and lesser breeds, like labs, retrieve. Since Alton does not own a lab, this dispute regularly occurs during the hunting season. Sassy is a joy to watch in the high desert. She will range out to 400 to 500 yards searching for birds and will hold a point for the many minutes it takes the old man (that’s Alton) to get into position.


It is also not unusual to see Sassy at the office. She is more reserved than Max and will have to get to know you before determining whether she needs petting. However, don’t be surprised if she drops a toy at your feet. Apparently, playing fetch is a fun game to play, just not in the field with birds.

Our Dogs

Our clients are just as important to us as our own families. We have found that regardless of what problem brings someone in the door, our office dogs have a calming effect on our clients. Dogs are man's best friend. You'll feel more relaxed after petting our canine staff.

Come in today and meet our beautiful canine staff

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Burton is an 8 year old AKC Golden Retriever, who is still a puppy at heart. Burton was born in Maine and moved to Washington as a puppy. Burton enjoys running and playing tug of war. From time to time you’ll see him in the office happily munching on a bone and asking to be pet by everyone who comes through the door.